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Julia Perez

Julia Perez is a controversial celebrity figure. He is known as an artist who likes to spit comeliness of her body, but in the period March 2010, all of a sudden he ran in local elections, Regent Pacitan. Suddenly pros cons erupted.

Julia, who fondly called Jupe did not like some celebrities who pursue a career since childhood. Initially, he was secretary of the training participants in private companies. He emerged as a star is the fruit of the introduction with a male model, Damien Perez (Yusuf Perez), who later became her husband.

Jupe, Sunda-Betawi descent woman is married to Damien in France on October 7, 2002. In the land of her husband, Damian provide opportunities for Jupe featured as FHM and Maxim models, two magazines with international networks that highlight the beauty of a woman's body.

In 2002-2003, which often look sexy star has since become known in the country through a number of soap operas, like Location Love, Comedy Naughton, Coast Guard and Off Night. Often makes it look sexy nominated sexiest women 100 FHM and Maxim magazine.

Jupe, then choose settled in Indonesia. Soap opera starring even more lined up, like Forgive Me, Pursuit of Maya, Divine Secrets, Hidayah, Prayer, Sweet Dreams, Women Persecuted.

Success in the world of soap operas, Jupe expanding into the world of drag votes. In April 2008, she launched her first album, with hit singles Kama Belah Duren. This debut album, then being debated.

Not only are his songs that little vulgar, but also because Jupe provide condoms free of charge to buyers album. This debut album even protested, he was banned from appearing in some areas.

Incidentally Jupe is known as the Sutra condom commercials. In fact, mid-November 2009, Jupiter is believed to be ambassadors of condoms. Within three years he will be in charge of campaigning and providing knowledge and education about HIV / AIDS.

Beyond that, Jupe also explores the play on the big screen movie. He played a role in the movie Ghost Herbal Wear Indika Entertainment production. January 2010, Jupe play in Ssssttt ... I Make Deposits, where he played so Tisha, a mistress. As usual, he always asked scene sexy, including a horror film though.

End of January 2010, Jupe confirmed it had joined with property management Estianty Maia. For him Maia is one of inspiration in music and he hopes his career can be as successful as Maia.

Following the football terjangnya in entertainment, Jupe name has always been talked about in the media. Not merely because his career path full of twists, but also because private sexy photo circulating on the internet. Jupe sexy good looks posing alone or with friends.

In early October 2009, Jupe admitted relationship with his father, Angkasajaya deteriorated. It was revealed by the step father Jupe reported to the police. This report triggered because Angkasajaya threatened to kill Jupe and mama.

Although a controversial figure, a number of institutions actually lifted Jupe as icons. Call it like Chess Association of Indonesia (PERCASI) sexy artist who chose it as an icon. It seems the launch of the tournament "Julia Perez Rapid Open Chess Tournament" in the building Piramyd BPG, Senayan, Jakarta on October 5, 2006.

A year later, in August 2007, Jupe host the football game between Liverpool and PSS Sleman in Lebak Bulus Stadium, Jakarta. He claims to be a presenter for treating taste missed husband. "Many Indonesian soccer players are handsome, so missed the husband's pain medication."


Although it has been long married to Damien Perez in October 2002, both not yet blessed with children. Jupe had a miscarriage in 2007. On several occasions, Jupe claimed delay "a baby" because it wanted to concentrate on his career.

However, while uphill successful career, his home life quite the opposite. In early 2009, their household began to falter. It was allegedly triggered by the proximity Jupe Persiba Brazilian footballer, Gaston Castano. Even in early March 2009, Jupe looked intimate and Gaston holiday together at a beach.

Although the process of divorce with Damien has not been settled, Jupe dared to be outspoken with Gaston in public. Undisguised them posing together in the men's magazine photo shoot published in Cape Berung capital, Ujung Kulon, with beach wear.

In early July 2009, Jupe planned departure to France with Damien in order to process the divorce. Both also agreed to bear the costs of divorce together. But until now there has been no clarity about this divorce plans.


As if not satisfied with a career in the entertainment world, Jupe now start reaching the world of business. Chosen was to establish a business school football Champions Soccer School in Rasuna Said. In this business, Gaston will help him. Jupe also intends to import a football player.

For the business sphere, at the end of 2009, Jupe with Gaston went to Argentina. On that occasion, Jupa utilize to meet with Gaston family. Not surprisingly, if Jupe increasingly sticky with Gaston, they were always seen together anywhere.

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